SL Series

About SL Series

In search of the near perfect loudspeaker design

The SL range is the result of over 12 years research and development and utilises the very latest drive unit and crossover technology. The SL range has been subjected to 3 years of intensive testing and design, with 6 months of fine-tuning to deliver a truly unique and ground breaking loudspeaker range.

The challenge was to create a loudspeaker capable of the dynamics and power of a horn-loaded design, but with the accuracy and quality of a HiFi design.

The solution was to employ an array of world-class drive units to provide incredible efficiency, output and accuracy, whilst also staying true to Artcoustic's signature design ethos.

The SL range is designed to be complimentary and flexible, allowing the correct model to be specified for the correct application. From small flat screen TV based systems to state-of-the-art private cinemas, as well as bars, restaurants, places of worship - in fact, anywhere where high performance sound is required.

With consistent timbre and sound qualities throughout the range, the correct model is the one that delivers the output levels desired together with aesthetics to suit the environment. Artcoustic's huge portfolio of artworks and designs uniquely allows serious quality sound to be installed with no compromise to the interior design, and due to the large and expansive SL range, there is always a model to suit the application.

Performance is assured with a vast range of products and a trained installation network across the world, together with full design support from head office to guarantee the correct products are used for the correct application.

The SL range is a revolution in loudspeaker design, delivering efficiency as high as 110 dB, with output up to 130 dB, and all in a range just 67 mm deep and stunning to look at.


Impact SL Series Subwoofers

Nearly 20 years of subwoofer technology and acoustic evolution, has merged into the most advanced and powerful subwoofer series ever produced by Artcoustic. By mixing our early Q and Pressure Control technology and the later X2 bass system, we have ended up with something truly unique.

The new technology and design addresses the issue of depth and power vs cabinet size, with an impressive F3 and F6 point due to multiple coupled 10” bass units, phase optimisation and controlled frequency overlap.

The Impact 1 feature one high quality 10” bass unit, within a highly tuned, yet elegant, cabinet.

The Impact 2 uses a 2 x 10” bass unit configuration utilising our new design technology, and delivering power and depth equivalent to a 15” bass unit.

The Impact 3 boasts 3 x 10” bass units also using the new design technology, and delivers performance similar to an 18” bass unit.

The new design technology allows this performance to be possible in a cabinet much smaller than would otherwise be required, alongside higher sensitivity, better heat dispersion and improved F3 and F6 points, operating all the way down to 15Hz.