About Artcoustic


Artcoustic design ground breaking, innovative, world-class loudspeakers, constantly pushing the limits of convention and the status quo. Going back to the roots of traditional Danish loudspeaker design, Artcoustic are the first to transform the conventional loudspeaker with a modern look.

Artcoustic produce a loudspeaker range that performs amongst the highest in their class, often exceeding expectations, by using groundbreaking technology, superb component parts and unique design. The line array loudspeaker design delivers exceptional efficiency and dynamics, vastly outperforming more conventional designs.

The sound produced is effortless, dynamic, open and musical, and with enough output to play all the way up to 130 dB! Technically groundbreaking, Artcoustic has become widely respected as a loudspeaker brand for the very finest music and cinema systems.


Artcoustic was founded in 1998 by Danish Kim Donvig and Patricia Ljungberg. Their goal was to create a luxury speaker brand which combines design aesthetics and sound quality, without sacrificing one to the other. They moved to London in 2000 to establish Artcoustic Loudspeakers, with the thought, if it does not work here, it won’t work anywhere.

This is now more than 15 Years ago, and Artcoustic has become one of the most respected brands in the industry, winning several awards and in 2015 received the Best High End Speaker System award at the AV Tech Media Awards in the UK and The Best Loudspeaker award from Smart Building Awards. Artcoustic has always worked towards combining high sound quality and design aesthetics, and they have achieved this mission. Artcoustic has become well respected in a very conservative UK market, with many good home brands, that is an achievement in itself.

“Our aim has always been to create a high-quality, honest and true sound and still achieve the aesthetic look of our products. We want to compliment, not conflict with, your home’s aesthetics. We want our listeners to feel the music, to experience how a true live sound can be reproduced from Artcoustic loudspeakers.”

Artcoustic has transformed the way sound and speakers can enhance the atmosphere and interior. Our loudspeakers have effectively erased the distinction between loudspeakers and furnishing, yet remains true to the intended purpose: Superb reproduction of sound.

Artcoustic is now world renowned for its range of high-end performance wall mounted speakers that feature interchangeable screens that allows one to choose any look to go with the interior. The superior product range has been awarded for its ground breaking designs and is sold worldwide.

Handcrafted Sound

To create incredible loudspeakers you need incredible components, and Artcoustic carefully selects the finest around. We use only the highest quality drivers hand picked from Danish suppliers for the ultimate in sound reproduction. In order to achieve the highest quality possible, high grade copper coils and bypass capacitors are employed in all our models, and non-inductive resistors are used throughout. No detail has been overlooked to deliver the finest loudspeakers possible with no compromise in performance.

However, speakers of this  quality are not just about high quality component parts. What sets Artcoustic Loudspeakers apart is the workmanship and sheer artistry with which it has been brought together.

Artcoustic has ensured that the original designs are delivered with care, attention, passion and pride. Each unit is painstakingly constructed by hand. No manufacturing line, no robots, but a team of dedicated craftsmen. Every loudspeaker is inspected visually and technically to ensure all products leaving the factory are deserving of the Artcoustic name.

The result is a loudspeaker that is amongst the finest available, and one we are very proud of.