Amplifiers & Absorbers

PDA1000 Professional Digital Amplifier



The Artcoustic PDA1000 is a professional 2-channel, digital amplifier which performs smoothly and accurately,even in the most demanding conditions.

Designed in-house, the PDA1000 offers incredible 2-channel, or bridged single-channel, performance in a rack mountable chassis, just 1 U high. Combining high performance with a silent and speed efficient, dual­ fan cooling system make it a suitable solution for almost any application.

Use it in recording studios, or commercial applications such as bars, restaurants & hotels, as well as high quality Hi-Fi and home cinema systems.

It features two amp modules with a total of 450 watt, 8 ohm per channel, or bridged, single-channel 1000 watt, 8 ohm. It has been optimised to complement all the Artcoustic subwoofers' impedance and tonality, making it the perfect match with amazing detail, control and dynamics.




Stereo: 2 x 450 Watt 8 ohm
Bridged: 1 x 1000 Watt 8 ohm
Input terminal: XLR (RCA Adapters)
Dimensions: H 44 • W 430 • D 180 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg




PDA1000 with rack mount