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Enzina Fuschini

Poole based artist Enzina Fuschini is wildly enthusiastic about everything she does. Her career in art began in Rome and blossomed in Paris where her exhibitions were attended by the rich and the influential. In the eighties, Enzina moved to New York where she was captivated by raw energy of the city - then on to London where she was invited to exhibit at a succession of fashionable galleries. From her Poole studio, Enzina undertakes regular commissions for Liberty’s, Harvey Nicholls and Harrods. Her designs have appeared on fabrics, furniture and fine porcelain - and a Suzuki Intruder motorbike, the centrepiece of an exhibition at the Park Lane Hilton. 

EF Catch

EF Darlings 1

EF Darlings 2

EF Darlings 3

EF Darlings Colour 1

EF Darlings Colour 2

EF Darlings Colour 3

EF Dawn

EF Dusk

EF Sunset

EF Pastel Dreams 1

EF Pastel Dreams 2

EF Pastel Dreams 3

EF Romantic Garden

EF Summer

EF Tropical

EF Urban Chic 1

EF Urban Chic 2

EF Vast Choices 1

EF Vast Choices 2

EF Voyage 1

EF Voyage 2


EF Catch 1 Slim

EF Catch 2 Slim

EF Darlings 1 Slim

EF Darlings 2 Slim

EF Darlings Colour

EF Darlings Colour

EF Dawn Slim

EF Dusk Slim

EF Sunset Slim

EF Romantic Garden

EF Romantic Garden

EF Romantic Garden

EF Summer 1 Slim

EF Summer 2 Slim

EF Tropical 1 Slim

EF Tropical 2 Slim

EF Tropical 3 Slim

EF Urban Chic Slim

EF Urban Chic Slim 1

EF Urban Chic Slim 2

EF Vast Choices 1 Slim

EF Vast Choices 2 Slim

EF Vast Choices 3 Slim

EF Voyage 1 Slim

EF Voyage 2 Slim

EF Voyage 3 Slim