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Full Penthouse Installation, Copenhagen

Models installed: Architect 4-2 SL In-Ceiling speakers and Impact-1 SL Subwoofers.

Home Audio & Cinema Installation, UK

Models installed: 75-55 8-4 SLs colour matched to the Farrow & Ball Cornforth White walls. Subwoofers are hidden in the cabinets.

House Boat, Audio & Cinema, Stockholm

Beautiful Warehouse Style Apartment in Moscow

Cedia Award Winning Installation, UK

Models installed: In living room SL 120-36 SL and C-2 SL Centre Channel in the front and Modular SL in the back. Targets SLs are installed in the the gym and Architect SLs in the dining room. Installation by Philharmonic Audio Visual Ltd.

Artcoustic Home Setup with Dolby Atmos

Artcoustic 120-36 SL speakers are used for left and right channels, with a Multi Soundbar SL for centre channel, Target SL for rear and side, and Architect SL In-Ceiling for the overhead speakers.

The Artcoustic, Dolby approved, Dolby Atmos design tool, produced by us with Jones Designs, helped to start the design process and ensure the correct loudspeaker locations. This tool has proved invaluable for Artcoustic installers to design the very best Dolby Atmos systems.

Go to Installation Of The Month for more information about this incredible Home Audio setup.

Penthouse In Budva, Montenegro

This beautiful coastal property boasts stunning views, clean contemporary design and high quality audio, courtesy of the Artcoustic speakers throughout. Various models have been installed, including clever use of C-1 SLs with Panel Sub Micros in the main living space.

Read more about this fantastic installation in Installation of The Month.

Stunning Multi-Room Installation

Models used: Multi Soundbar SL and C-1 SL.

Private House in Old Town Dubai

Private House, UK

Media Room Installation

Models used: 120-36 SL, C-1 SL Centre ChannelArchitect SL 2-1 and 180-43 Subwoofer. For more information about this installation go to Installation Of The Month.

Home Audio Installation, UK

Installation with the 40-30 SL 6-3 and the Multi Soundbar SL.

Private House, Montenegro

More Beautiful Installations

For more beautiful Home Audio Installations visit the Artcoustic Flickr page and Installation Of The Month.


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