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The finest dedicated cinema rooms, made possible with Artcoustic Spitfire Series loudspeakers

Artcoustic have used their knowledge and experience to create a range of loudspeaker designed specifically to deliver the very highest performance possible.

The Spitfire Series incorporates many models all designed to perform at the very highest level. The room size and seating positions determines which model is correct for you, with the Spitfire 4-2 being ideal for smaller rooms up to 40 cubic metres, going all the way up to the Spitfire 24-12 for rooms above 120 cubic metres.

Our experienced team of cinema designers will help you to design your technically perfect home cinema.

For rooms larger than 140 cubic metres, we direct you towards our Performance Series.

Read more about our Spitfire Series here.

   Art coustic Spitfire System Installed by Imperium AV

Artcoustic Spitfire System Installed by Imperium AV

Artcoustic Dedicated Home Cinemas

All these private cinemas have been designed, installed and calibrated by trained Artcoustic installers, alongside Artcoustic personal support service. Click images to enlarge.

More Beautiful home Cinema

For more beautiful Home Cinema Installations visit the Artcoustic Flickr page and Installation Of The Month.


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