SL Series

HSPL Soundbar SL

HSPL Soundbar SL - Left, Centre and Right Speaker

Artcoustic pioneered the concept of an all-in-one LCR (Left, Centre and Right) Soundbar as far back as 1998.

The HSPL Soundbar SL is a high sound pressure level version of the Artcoustic Multi Soundbar SL and has been specially designed and engineered for large format LED and none-perforated projection screens and in general for application where very high sound pressure levels are required. It matches the larger Artcoustic speaker models, such as the SL 12-6 and the SL 24-12.

As well as the the Multi Soundbar SL, the HSPL version can be used as a single LCR loudspeaker, or for more powerful systems used as a single mono centre channel.

The HSPL Soundbar SL is VESA compatible.

HSPL Soundbar SL

Operating Range: 65 Hz (-3dB) to 40 kHz
Sensitivity: 104/95 dB (mono/stereo)
Max SPL: 120/112 dB (mono/stereo)


H: 100 W: BESPOKE D: 67 mm.
Minimum width: 1668 mm.
Maximum width: 2600 mm.

Cabinet: Any colour/any finish
Screen: Any colour

Standard cabinet/screen colours are black/white. Go to Design Options.