IOTM December 2012

Congratulations to Kris, and the team at Konnectiv for this stunning whole house installation.

Artcoustic is used throughout this stunning property with Spitfire in the cinema, with 120-36 SL in the lounge and 40-30 SL Multiroom used in the kitchen, snug and two of the bedrooms.

The cinema sounds amazing run from a Yamaha integrated amplifier, with luxurious Cine Italia seats finishing it off beautifully.

The client utilised their existing 65" plasma screen, and as they love this room so much the next upgrade will be a bigger screen.

The whole house system is elegantly designed and controlled with AMX and iPad Minis. Beautiful aesthetics, high performance audio, simple control and a very happy client…. 

This installation shows what is possible when systems are thought about and designed intelligently, and as such, Konnectiv are very deserving recipients of December's Installation Of The Month.

IOTM November 2012

Congratulations to Phil, Steve, and the team at Philharmonic AV for this beautiful installation.

Installing high quality audio into beautifully designed homes is a challenge and often forces huge compromises. Philharmonic AV took on the challenge and installed Artcoustic Target SLs to deliver stunning audio quality whilst respecting the incredible interior of this home.

The Target SL, Diablo SL and Multi Soundbar SL are Artcoustic's best selling products, and this installation shows why. 

Philharmonic AV are very deserving recipients of November's Installation Of The Month.

IOTM October 2012

Congratulations to Gifford, and the team at Bespoke Home Cinemas for this stunning private cinema.

The client is a high profile international sports star who asked for a room to be designed and built for movies, sports and Xbox/PS3 gaming. Big comfortable seats allow for a relaxed and informal feel to the room, whilst the large 16:9 acoustically transparent screen and 7.1 Artcoustic system deliver superb performance. The system is very easy to use with Control4 intelligently used throughout the property. The result is a very happy client, and one of the finest installations we have seen to date.

Bespoke Home Cinemas are very deserving recipients of October's Installation Of the Month.

IOTM September 2012

Congratulations to Simon, Vince and the team at Cinema Rooms for making the seamingly impossible, possible!

This room is just 2.6m x 3.8m and the client asked for it to be converted into a 'proper cinema'. Doors were moved, windows were removed, and stepped floor installed. Bespoke cabinetry, new carpet, wallpaper, painting and lighting was all part of the installation.

Spitfire 6-3 are installed behind the acoustically transparent screen, with the screen 'floating' just in front of them, 7.5cm from the wall. This allowed for a very simple, quick and effective installation without trying to recess anything.

The result is very contemporary and very effective. We are seeing this as a very popular way to install LCR speakers in tight spaces. The Spitfire range is just 6.7cm deep making this possible. A Panel Sub SL Micro is used for LFE, fitting perfectly next to the bespoke cabinetry housing the electronics. Artcoustic Modular SL for rear channels, a JVC X30 projector and 4 Rasike cinema seats complete the room.

Building a private cinema in a spacious room is one thing… making it possible in a large cupboard is another.

Well done indeed to Cinema Rooms for this deserved Installation Of The Month.

IOTM August 2012

Congratulations to Paul, Alex and the team at MD Integration for this superb private Artcoustic cinema.

The room is designed to include a TV screen as well as a drop down projector screen, making it a very versatile system. Artcoustic loudspeakers are perfectly suited to systems of this design as they offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance.

65-50 SL 8-4s are used for left and right channels either side of the Samsung ES8000 screen, with a C-1 SL used for the centre channel. Rears are Diablo SL in the ceiling.

The rest of the system in this very impressive property consists of a full Lutron homeworks system, 18 zones of audio (Autonomics audio server) with Wyrestorm HDMI video distribution. It also includes integrated CCTV all controlled via RTI control system. This stunning cinema room consists of a JVC X90, with Blu Ray, Apple TV, an Onkyo AV amp and a full Artcoustic speaker system. Installed by MD Integration.

IOTM July 2012

Congratulations to Dave and the team at Custom Controls for this superb private Artcoustic cinema.

The new Spitfire 16-8s are installed for LCR, with 2 x Spitfire Subwoofers. Rear and side channels are taken care of with 65-50 SL 6-3s

This property is a very large private residence in Dubai, with Artcoustic speakers used throughout. Crestron is used to control the technology in the property, that includes this stunning private cinema alongside an amazing swimming pool area and a private basketball you do...

Installed by Custom Controls.

IOTM June 2012

Congratulations to Mike and the team at Fish AV for this superb private Artcoustic cinema.

The new Spitfire 16-8s are installed for LCR, with 2 x Spitfire Subwoofers. Rear and side channels are taken care of with Diablo Monitors.

The very cool design has acoustically treated fabric walls, with the left side featuring a striking print. Formal cinema seats are installed at the back of the room, with moveable seating in the front giving flexibility to the space. The front wall is fabric lined also enabling the speakers to be installed behind it in technically the correct positions. Due to the unique design properties of Artcoustic speakers, just 16cm of the room needed to be lost.

Yet another stunning installation that sounds as good as it looks. Installed by Fish AV.

IOTM May 2012

Congratulation to Kyle, Simon and the team at Abstract Home Cinema for this superb private Artcoustic cinema.

The new Spitfire 16-8 are installed for LCR, with 2 x Spitfire Subwoofers. Rear and side channels are taken care of with C-1 SLs.


This is a stunning installation and continues to raise the bar for the Artcoustic Installation Of the Month award.

IOTM April 2012

Congratulation to David and the team at Premiere Home Cinema for this excellent lounge installation.

The brand new 65-50 SL 4-2s are used for the left and right channels with the new C-1 SL for centre duties. Rear channels are the Modular SL.

Linax Cabinets house the electronics, with the left side cabinet actually being the subwoofer. The Linax Sub is the perfect solution where high performance is required alongside clean contemporary aethetics. It delivers big, powerful, deep bass from effectively an invisible subwoofer.

A stunning Panasonic screen, Pioneer electronics and beautifully designed Rako lighting control complete this high quality system.

IOTM March 2012

Congratulations to James and the team at Solo AV for this superb 2 channel music system installation.

The brand new 180-43 SL speakers are used in conjunction with the new 180-43 SL SUB to deliver an incredible 2 channel music system. There are very few speaker options avaiable that will deliver the quality and output of these flagship loudspeakers.

The client has a history of enjoying some very esoteric and high end hifi systems, the last one being a £70K active system, and this in his words is "awesome, as good as anything I've ever had previously!"

There are many good hifi speakers available, but very very few that can deliver 130db of stunning quality audio, whilst also looking fantastic.

Installed by Solo AV.

IOTM February 2012

Congratulations to Jamie and the team at Technophobe for this superb installation, featuring a flat screen cinema system and a 'party' system around the bar, all in with stunning contemporary interior design.

The flat screen cinema system features 65-50 SLs with a bespoke width C1 SL under the screen. Target SLs in ceiling provide the rear effects.

One of the coolest design features is the subwoofer which is clearly on view with no efforts to hide it. Why try to hide an underperforming small subwoofer when the Artcoustic Linax Subwoofer delivers all the performance in a modern design? It is designed to look identical to the Linax Cabinets, and this system has two Linax cabinets with one Linax Subwoofer. Elegant and powerful.

The clients asked for a higher powered 'party' system to be installed around their bar area. They insisted that the performance and aesthetics were treated with equal importance, so naturally Artcoustic was the choice.

Jamie and his team were also responsible for all the lighting in the property, with countless LED lights, Tom Dixon mirror ball pendants and complete lighting control all part of the project. The results are stunning!

Installed by Technophobe.

IOTM January 2012

Congratulations to Simon and the team at Aspect Home Cinema for this superb installation.

120-36 SLs are used for left and right channels, with the centre channel located behind the acoustically transparent screen. 65-50 SL speakers are used for the rear channels, with 2 Spitfire Subwoofers located behind the screen.

This enables the system to be clean and contemporary in design, and deliver a stunning reference level sound quality. The attention to detail in both installation and calibration has resulted in one of the finest sounding systems we have ever heard. Truly stunning, and another very happy client. Installed by Aspect Home Cinema.


Simon Ashton, owner of Aspect Home Cinema, receives this Artcoustic Installation Of The Month award.