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IOTM December 2013

December's Installation Of The Month is this superb cinema project, installed by Bespoke Home Cinemas in UK.

Artcoustic Spitfire 6-3 are installed behind the acoustically transparent screen, as all well designed cinemas are. The line array design produces a sensitivity of 98db and plays up to 115db with stunning accuracy.

The key to any high performance cinema system is dynamics which is only possible through highly efficient loudspeakers. Artcoustic offer models up to 110db sensitivity. All this in a compact, thin and practical loudspeaker range. The Spitfire 6-3 is just 500mm x 350mm x 67mm. 

Of course, being Artcoustic, this same performance is possible with the SL series with endless aesthetics for a lounge, bedroom, kitchen or any other room where quality audio is expected.

IOTM November 2013

November's Installation Of The Month is this beautiful project, installed by 
Philharmonic AV in UK. 

The client was looking for first class performance in their lounge, but not at the expense of the stunning interior design scheme.

Artcoustic was the natural choice. 120-36 SLs are used for left and right channels, partnered with a C-2 SLPanel Sub Duo and Modular SLs for rear channels.

At just 67mm deep, the Artcoustic speakers look stunning within this beautifully designed living room.

Black screens are chosen for this installation, but any Pantone colour, or digital print can be chosen (see Design Options). Blend in or stand out - the Artcoustic way!



The tiny Modular SL speakers are used for rear channels to deliver a high end 5.1 system without intruding on the design of the room.


Other key areas of the property also enjoy Artcoustic quality audio.

The new Architect SL loudspeaker is utilised in the dining room, installed in wall. This model is at home in ceiling or in wall, with different grille options to get the perfect aesthetic.


The iconic Target SLs are used in the gym on either side of the screen.

IOTM October 2013

October's Installation Of The Month is a superb private cinema by Cinema Rooms in UK.

The room started life as converted double garage looking very different to how it is now. The first step was the clients coming over to the Artcoustic showroom in Chelmsford where they could experience what a serious home cinema can be. Brochures and Excel spread sheets are no alternative to the real thing. Home cinema is all about the experience, and sharing that with friends and family. With the client now realising how good an Artcoustic cinema can sound, Cinema Rooms went about designing the correct system for the space, with our help.

Spitfire SL 8-4 were chosen for the LCR speakers, with two Spitfire Subwoofers for LFE and Diablo SL for rear channels to complete the system. A JVC X75 and a 4K ready Screen Excellence SLIM screen deliver stunning picture quality, alongside the Oppo Blu Ray and Onkyo amplifier.

Cinema Rooms brought in interior expertise to liaise with the clients to get the room just as they wanted it. Fabrics, Rako lighting, seating, carpets were all sourced to give the client exactly what they wanted.

The Artcoustic range allows for complete systems of this quality to be designed for budgets around £10K retail up to £100K. Get in touch with us for help and technical advice to design your own system.

Diablo SL are used for the rear channels in this system, giving perfect timbre balance. Of course, being Artcoustic, they are thin, great looking and enable the client to add a special touch of their own.

IOTM September 2013

September's IOTM comes from Andrey and the team at Smart Audio Group in Russia, working alongside the award winning Oleg Klodt architectural firm

The client was looking for a stunning sounding system to suit his sociable lifestyle, with aesthetics to complement the edgy contemporary interior design in his Moscow home.

Various traditional hifi loudspeakers were considered, but both the client and interior designer agreed that Artcoustic was the brand of choice as it fulfilled every brief.

Artcoustic Spitfire 16-8s were chosen for the left and right speakers either side of the tv, offering a more industrial look perfectly suited to the space. The Multi Soundbar SL75-55 SLs and two Spitfire Subwoofers complete this amazingly looking, and amazingly sounding, installation.

IOTM August 2013

Congratulations to Ajay and the team at Soundz Good in London for this superb installation!

This system demonstrates that serious home cinema systems are acheivable in multi purpose, real world rooms, not just dedicated basements that tend to be the preserve of the super rich.

This system includes a high quality drop down acoustically transparent screen to enable the speakers to be positioned where they always should be - i.e. behind the screen. Every commercial cinema in the world has the speakers behind the screen, not around it, or in the ceiling. It is unquestionably the correct way to design a system of any quality. Once clients understand this, they will want it done right.

Soundz Good have designed this system to deliver incredible performance from a system that also looks great when the screen is retracted.

IOTM July 2013

Congratulations to Kris, Niek, Steve and the team at Konnectiv in UK for July's award winning installation!

The system utilises the entry level Modular SL loudspeakers, with the C-1 SL centre channel and a Panel Sub Micro.

Beautifully installed into this stunning room, the Modular system delivers superb performance, elegant design and is surprisingly affordable at £3300 retail for 5.1.

This project deservedly won a Cedia award this year, as well as our coveted Installation Of The Month.

Installed by Konnectiv.

IOTM June 2013

Congratulations to Gifford and the team at Bespoke Home Cinemas in UK for this superb installation!

The client is a Premier League and England footballer, and as such the room is used for movies, gaming and lots of sport.

Bespoke Home Cinemas worked closely with the client to deliver exactly what he was looking for, with a big bright image and superb sound quality, and LED lighting, all simple to use via Control 4.

Spitfire 6-3 with a Spitfire Subwoofer are all installed behind the acoustically transparent screen.

IOTM May 2013

Congratulations to Matt and the team at Adept IS in the UK for this stunning dedicated cinema installation!

Spitfire 6-3 are used for the LCR channels behind the Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screen, with 2 x Spitfire Subwoofers also housed behind the screen to deliver LFE. Rear channels are Target SL to maintain timbre and quality but keep the design discrete and contemporary.

This project is part of a beautiful property development, designed and finished to a high standard to impress potential clients. You can see more of the property here.

As media rooms and home cinemas become a default tickbox exercise for properties at a certain level, developers are now realising that just putting in 5 in-ceiling speakers and a cheap projector just doesn't cut it. Our industry is maturing now to the levels expected by the kitchen industry who have seen developers showing pride in those rooms for many years, with Poggenpohl, Pedini, ValCucina, Boffi and others installed to help sell the properties.

Media rooms are now in all these developments, they will struggle to sell a high end property without one. The evolution now is that developers are starting to put pride into these rooms too.

IOTM April 2013

Congratulations to David and the team at Premiere Home Cinema for this superb installation in a large 'entertainment' barn.

120-36 SL are used either side of the 65" plasma screen, with a Multi Soundbar SL as centre channel and Target SL at the rear.

Linax Cabinets house the equipment, with a SL Subwoofer used to complete this 5.1 system.

IOTM March 2013

Congratulations to Simon and the team at Cinema Rooms in the UK for this superb family cinema room. 

Artcoustic Spitfire 8-4s are used for LCR channels, with 2 x Spitfire Subwoofers for LFE. Rears are Modular SL along the side and back walls to complete this 7.2 system. 

The Artcoustic range of 38 products again proves invaluable to allow installers to design systems correctly, rather than just sell products. As our industry matures, designers will rise to the top.

This family cinema room came to around £22,000 and is proving to be hugely popular with the parents and kids alike. 

Installed by Cinema Rooms

IOTM February 2013

Congratulations to Christiaan, the team at Sphere Custom in South Africa for this amazing cinema installation.

Artcoustic Spitfire 8-4s are used for LCR channels, with 2 x Spitfire Subwoofers for LFE. Rears are the new Diablo SL along the side and back walls to complete this 7.2 system.

A Screen Excellence Enlightor 4K 2.37:1 acoustically transparent screen provides the image from a Cineversum projector.

The system easily reaches reference level, with incredible dynamics and clarity. The speakers' 101db sensitivity enables performance levels and dynamics that just cannot be achieved with more conventional loudspeakers.

Artcoustic Loudspeakers have a complete range that enables consistancy in specification and design ethos. Artcoustic is the ONLY brand in the world that delivers the performance demanded of the very best home cinemas whilst offering the aesthetic options to enable the very same performing speaker to be used in any living room environment. From the 3000 designs in the Artcoustic Art Gallery, to Pantone colour prints, and the option to provide your own image or artwork, Artcoustic always looks amazing as you choose how they look.

Together with 38 different loudspeaker models, Artcoustic is the only brand that can guarantee the right performance for the application, and the right aesthetics for the space. There are other good cinema speakers, there are other good lifestyle speakers, there is nothing that can do both, with the same speaker, within 67mm and with complete credibility.

Artcoustic remains truly unique.

IOTM January 2013

Congratulations to Neil, Andy and the team at iHomes Cheshire for this amazing installation.

iHomes have delivered one of the finest private cinemas we have seen to date, and it sounds even better than it looks. Artcoustic were involved from a very early stage and helped to get the specification of the whole system correct whilst it was still a building site. A few months later, and this is a genuinely stunning project, designed and installed by iHomes.

Featuring Spitfire 8-4 for the LCR, 3 x Spitfire Subs for bass, and 6 Diablo SL for rear channels behind the fabric walls. Due to the exceptional 101db sensitivity of the Spitfire 8-4, this system has dynamics and power in abundance, all driven from an integrated Onkyo receiver. A JVC X95 onto a 2.35:1 ratio screen delivers the image and the result is truly cinematic. This is what private cinemas can and should be.

iHomes installed technology throughout this amazing home, using numerous Multi Soundbar SL on the tv systems. The lounge in particular is beautiful and great example of how to install quality performance whilst remaining discrete. It is projects like this that make the Multi Soundbar SL one of Artcoustic's iconic products.

Congratulations indeed to iHomes Cheshire. They are January's very deserving recipients of our Installation Of The Month award.