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IOTM December 2014

December's Installation Of The Month a wonderful project by
Q Smartdesign in the UK.

Artcoustic 120-36 SL are installed together with a C-1 SL and Architect SL 2-1 and an SL Subwoofer for a superb TV based system in a beautifully contemporary space.

The client emphasised a desire for high quality 2 channel music performance, which this delivers effortlessly.

Installing high quality on-wall loudspeakers, rather than floor-standing or in-ceiling options allows for the living space to remain clean and uncluttered whilst delivering superb sound quality.

The result as seen here, is elegant, contemporary and stylish.

IOTM November 2014

November's IOTM is one of the first completed Dolby Atmos home cinemas installed using Artcoustic speakers.

The brief was simple - to "deliver a stunning home cinema room without breaking the budget. Keep it sensible!"

Simply Cinemas in the UK were chosen to deliver the system and spent a lot of time with the guys at Artcoustic HQ to ensure the design and specifications were correct for the cutting edge Dolby Atmos technology. 

The finished system more than delivers on the brief. With Artcoustic Spitfire 6-3 speakers and two Spitfire Control 3 Subwoofers installed behind the acoustically transparent Screen Excellence 4K screen, and Target SL for surrounds with Architect SL 2-1 for the overhead speakers in a 5.1.2 configuration.

The finished result is outstanding! Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 delivered with incredible power and detail through the Artcoustic loudspeaker system, with an installed complete system price tag under £25K.

Installed by: Custom Sight & Sound UK

See our conversation about acoustically transparent screens here

IOTM October 2014

October's Installation Of The Month is an amazing installation by Custom Sight & Sound in the UK.

This stunning property includes technology throughout, with lighting, heating, security and entertainment systems all easily controlled. The beautifully designed entertainment space in the basement includes a full 7.1 Artcoustic system, all available at the touch of a button.

The 65-50 SL 8-4 are for left, centre and right, behind the drop down screen. Architect SL 2-1 speakers installed in the ceiling complete the 7.1 channel system.

Grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy a movie!



A Multi SL Soundbar is used for LCR duties in the TV room, with Modular SL for the rears in a 5.1 system.

IOTM September 2014

September's Installation Of The Month is this amazing private cinema, designed and installed by Audiovation in Yorkshire, UK.

The basement room has been transformed into a relaxing, comfortable space to entertain with friends and family. Artcoustic Spitfire loudspeakers and subwoofers are installed behind the acoustically transparent Screen Excellence screen, with Artcoustic Diablos discretely taking care of rear duties. The whole project looks and sounds incredible.

IOTM August 2014

August's beautiful Installation Of The Month is by Pip and the team at NV Integration.

The client requested simple control of all the AV and lighting, with the main lounge system being a high quality TV system in this stunning, luxurious property in London.

Aesthetics and discretion were of equal importance as the performance, and as such an Artcoustic Multi Soundbar SL was chosen, the same width as the TV screen, to provide high quality LCR audio installed elegantly under the TV screen. 

Architect SL 2-1 are installed in the ceiling for rear channels in this simple 5.1 TV system, with a Panel Sub Micro hidden from view behind the furniture.

The result is wonderful. Elegant, discrete and high performance.

The perfect TV system delivered by NV Integration.

IOTM July 2014

July's Installation Of The Month comes from the team at Rayleigh HiFi in the UK.

Rob, Tom and Ben have designed and commissioned this stunning private cinema, using Spitfire 8-4 loudspeakers for LCR, with two Spitfire Subwoofers and Diablo SLs for the rear and side channels in this 7.1 system.

Beautiful interior design and a comfortable, well designed sofa makes for a fantastic environment to relax with family and friends with a quality movie or sporting event.

Private cinemas in a home can often be amazing, and when one is designed as well as this, with superb attention to detail, amazing picture quality and huge cinematic sound, it is really very special indeed.

Installed by: Rayleigh HiFi UK

IOTM June 2014

June's Installation Of The Month is another stunning Spitfire cinema system.

Installed by MD Integration, the project is a large whole house system for a developer wishing to install the highest quality fittings to appeal to discerning clients. This property is in the heart of Wimbledon and every detail has been considered and executed beautifully.

This cinema system in the basement is surprisingly affordable though, using Spitfire 6-3 for LCR with a Spitfire Control 2 Subwoofer, all running from an Onkyo amplifier with a JVC projector and simple RTI control.

It delivers a genuinely cinematic experience, on the 2.35:1 ratio screen, whilst remaining well within budgetary constraints.

A lot of developments at the higher end of the market now have a 'home cinema' as part of the specifications. Very few however treat the audio and video quality with the respect they deserve. Now though, more developers are starting to see that a professionally installed, designed and calibrated system is highly desirable for clients looking for their new luxury home.

Affordable luxury, delivered by MD Integration with Artcoustic.

IOTM May 2014

May's Installation Of The Month is a very special one! 

The system was installed and designed by Sona Projects in Cheshire, UK. Simon Fulstow and the team there should be very proud of this one.

This stunning entertainment room features Multi SL Soundbars and C-1 SLs, installed either vertically or horizontally as the design suited, alongside a Spitfire Control One Subwoofer.

The screens are digitally printed to the client's request for a particular Pantone colour, making them very discrete (see Design Options).

This is one of the best looking installations we have seen, the bar keeps raising higher and higher. 

Multi Soundbar SL with and without it's bespoke screen.

IOTM April 2014

April's Installation Of The Month goes to the team at Nexus Room in Montenegro for this incredibly inventive installation.

This beautiful coastal property boasts stunning views, clean contemporary design and high quality audio, courtesy of the Artcoustic speakers throughout.

Various models have been installed, including clever use of C-1 SLs with Panel Sub Micros in the main living space.

The Penthouse apartment allows for open plan living, and the inventive AV installation allows for the TV to turn, disappear or appear as required for either the kitchen/dining room, or lounge area.

Artcoustic C-1 SL are installed either side of the TV, with a Panel Sub Micro recessed underneath it.

As this is a two sided system, the speakers are mirrored with identical systems installed on both sides.

The lounge area uses the same TV as the kitchen/dining space, turned appropriately as required. The speakers are the same models, C-1 SL and Panel Sub Micro, just installed again on the other side of the central wall. One set is for the kitchen/dining room area, another set is for the living room area.

The bedroom uses Diablo SL either side of the TV, with abstract designs to suit the room (see Design Options).

Installed by Nexus Room, Montenegro.

IOTM March 2014

March's Installation Of The Month is this simple installation by Mango Vision in UK.

A high quality audio system was required in this clean and contempory kitchen. The client requested exceptional TV sound that could also deliver music with enough power and dynamics to entertain with friends and family.

The clean aesthetic of the room was also important, so Diablo SLs were installed with great prints from the Artcoustic Art Gallery by Studio Parris Wakefield. A Panel Sub Micro is also installed for a really full bottom end when the music's playing...



IOTM February 2014

February's Installation Of The Month is an amazing project, designed and installed by the team at Simply Cinemas in UK.

This is a large commercial project in the prestigious The Tower development at St. George's Wharf, London. Artcoustic Loudspeakers were chosen for many of the communal areas, including a stunning private cinema room for the residents.

This is truly a 'best of breed' installation with Artcoustic Spitfire 24-12s for LCR, 2 x Spitfire Subwoofers and 75-55 SL 6-3 for rear channels.

The system features a multi-way masked Screen Excellence screen, luxurious Italian Cine Italia seats, Sony vw1000ES 4K projector, Crestron Procise AV control and processing.

The result is incredible!

The private cinema is only part of this amazing installation. Simply Cinemas also installed AV into the public areas, including the entrance reception, meeting areas, gym and swimming pool. Artcoustic Architect in-ceiling speakers were used in most areas, all controlled from a complete Crestron system.

Further congratulations go to Simply Cinemas for as well as winning this month's Installation Of The Month, they were also awarded 'Best Digital Media Installation' at the Crestron Commercial Integration Awards at ISE. Very well deserved indeed.

IOTM January 2014

January's Installation Of The Month is this lounge system, installed by Mercury AV.

This is a great example of how Artcoustic can delivery stunning performance in a lounge without filling the room with technology.

This is a 'real world' installation that would be perfect with Modular, Target or Diablo loudspeakers, but in this case Artcoustic 40-30 SL 4-2 are used for the left and right channels for even higher performance. A C-1 SL completes the clean and uncluttered aesthetic, with two Panel Sub Micros delivering the dynamics essential to any high performance system.