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Meystyle is the name for a collaborative design practice made up of two sisters, Maria Yaschuk and Ekaterina Yaschuk. Maria is a Surface and Textile Artist while Ekaterina is a Spatial Designer and Stylist. They were both born in Moscow, but grew up in Oslo and have been collaborating professionally since 2001. In their work they employ computer-based technologies in the form of digital printing for striking wallpaper that works as a feature for contemporary interiors.

Meystyle Character

Meystyle Cloud 1

Meystyle Cloud 2

Meystyle Cloud 3

Meystyle Cloud Night

Meystyle Curly Flower 1

Meystyle Curly Flower 2

Meystyle Curly Flower 3

Meystyle Dawn

Meystyle Earth Feature

Meystyle Field

Meystyle Fragmented

Meystyle Fragmented Double

Meystyle Fragmented Reflected

Meystyle Green Butterfly

Meystyle Green Butterfly 2

Meystyle Green Star

Meystyle Green Stripe

Meystyle Natural Sparkle 1

Meystyle Natural Sparkle 2

Meystyle Net

Meystyle Night Curtain

Meystyle Night Curtain Reflection

Meystyle Night Flower 1

Meystyle Night Flower 2

Meystyle Night Flower 3

Meystyle Night Flower Center

Meystyle Night Stripe

Meystyle Number Six

Meystyle One Sixty 2

Meystyle Open Clouds

Meystyle Prime Brown

Meystyle Purple Infinity

Meystyle Purple Stripe

Meystyle Roses

Meystyle Sea Roses 1

Meystyle Sea Roses 2

Meystyle Sparcle Stripe Large

Meystyle Sparkle Net

Meystyle Sparkle Star

Meystyle Sparkle Stripe

Meystyle Stripe

Meystyle Turtle Pond

Meystyle Turtle Pond Stripe

Meystyle Zen Garden


Meystyle Black White Slim

Meystyle Black White Reflected Slim

Meystyle Character SLim

Meystyle Cloud 1 Slim

Meystyle Cloud 2 Slim

Meystyle Cloud 3 Slim

Meystyle Curly Flower Slim

Meystyle Curly Flower Reflected Slim

Meystyle Dawn Slim

Meystyle Dawn Reflected Slim

Meystyle Earth Feature Slim

Meystyle Field Slim

Meystyle Field Slim

Meystyle Fragmented Slim

Meystyle Fragmented Reflected SLim

Meystyle Natural Sparkle 1 Slim

Meystyle Natural Sparkle 2 Slim

Meystyle Net Slim

Meystyle Night Cloud Slim

Meystyle Night Curtain Slim

Meystyle Night Stripe Slim

Meystyle Number Six Slim

Meystyle One Sixty 1 Slim

Meystyle One Sixty 2 Slim

Meystyle One Sixty
3 Slim

Meystyle Open Clouds Slim

Meystyle Prime Brown Slim

Meystyle Purple Infinity Slim

Meystyle Purple Stripe Slim

Meystyle Sea Roses
1 Slim

Meystyle Sparkle Net Slim

Meystyle Sparkle Stripe Slim

Meystyle Sparkle Stripe Large Slim

Meystyle Stripe Slim

Meystyle Turtle Pond Slim

Meystyle Turtle Pond Small Stripes Slim

Meystyle Turtle Pond Stripe Slim

Meystyle Zen Black Slim

Meystyle Zen Garden Slim