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Penny Warden

Penny Warden is a British artist known worldwide for her numerous significant public commissions and unique, expressive style. She began to paint at a very early age and indeed was highly commended for her work by The Royal Drawing Society “The Children’s Royal Academy” - when only 12 years old. Penny has been influenced by action painting and gestural abstraction. She applies oil paint or charcoal with maximum of spontaneity. Her work has appeared in many high-profile locations and galleries across London and the UK and has been featured in a number of national and international magazines and publications. Her work has also been used in a significant theological teaching resource by Cambridge University and she has exhibited and spoken about her work at Oxford University. She has been a speaker at numerous conferences and has been part of several consultation groups at Windsor Castle on ‘Human Creativity in the Arts’. Her public commissions can be seen on the BBC website.

PW Sax

PW Sax Rouge

PW Sax Blue

PW Violin

PW Rouge Violin

PW Blue Violin

PW Ignited 1

PW Ignited 2

PW Prima

PW Siren

PW Rhapsody

PW Sky Fire

PW After the rain

PW Agitato

PW Bellicose

  PW Capriccio

PW Capriccio

PW Hero

PW Mystic

PW Ice

PW Libero

PW Poetico

PW Spring In The Shadows 1

PW Spring In The Shadows 2